Hey! I'm just a 15 year old human being who loves listening to, playing, and making music. I often post music just for fun and might make a career of it one day.

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Ask me anything

Posted by GizzyKitty - July 5th, 2022

I want to give the people who listen to my music the opportunity to get to know me if they are curious (even though I don't really have any fans yet). Ask me literally any question no matter how personal and I have to respond to it. If you wanted, you could let me know a little about yourself too. This is just for fun and curiosity so try not to ruin that with a super messed up question :)

Note: I will try my best to respond to this until it gets lost beneath tons of other posts, but I don't post much so I don't think you'll have to worry about that for a long time.


Hey! What inspires you musically? Both musical influences and topics that make you want to write music.

This is a really good question for me because honestly, I'm not entirely sure. Surprisingly, it's not really something that I think about all that often, but I will try my best to answer it now.

A lot of the times I will be playing a video game or watching someone play a video game and I'll be paying attention to it's OST as the game is played. If it's a good game, it usually has a good soundtrack, and if it is, I usually look up the OST to listen to outside of the game and since I play the piano, I'll try to find a piano tutorial of my favorite song(s) and learn that. Usually it's those songs that inspire me to create the music I do. For example, recently I've been really into the game Celeste and I think it has a phenomenal soundtrack even though it's not a style that I usually create in. I went through and found a piano tutorial on one of the more chill songs and that was particularly the inspiration for my newest song. The much larger inspiration for it however was the song "Ano Hi no Yume" from K-on which also happened to be one of it's more chill songs. I really liked the anime so I felt inclined to make a song inspired by one of the songs in it. It's fascinating to me how music can be so powerful and invoke the feeling that it does and once I hear it on a setting which it adds to I'm inspired to try to do the same. Often times it will be a more chill and emotional song because that's the feeling I like the most but I also love when a song has that large, epic feel to it. Music almost serves as my way to express myself as I'm not very good at talking to other people directly because of social anxiety and it can serve as a way to call myself down when I'm feeling some sort of negative emotions. For that reason, there's usually a twinge of emotion put behind my songs with a mostly chill feel to it. I also really like Hans Zimmer and the cinematic music he makes and that reflects upon my music and inspires me as well. Just as my music helps me, I also hope it can help others as well so that's usually a
driving factor too.

I hope this at least provides somewhat of an answer to your question. I've never really been that in touch with the way I feel so explaining what makes me inclined to do what I do is hard for me. If I think of something else to say I'll add another reply explaining that.